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While many treatments have been approved for RMS, there is an unmet need for more effective alternatives that may not only reduce MS disability and relapses, but may also slow the progression of the disease. That’s why we’re conducting the FENhance Study – we want to see if our investigational study drug can be a safe and effective treatment option.

Study Overview

The FENhance Study is assessing how safe and effective an investigational study drug is in treating RMS, compared to an approved comparator drug (a drug that is already being used to treat patients with RMS). No participants will receive only a placebo —a “dummy drug” that contains no active medicine. The study will last for approximately 2 years.


Everyone who joins this clinical trial will be split into two groups randomly, and receive either the investigational drug (fenebrutinib) or the comparator drug.


You will have a 1 in 2 chance of receiving either:

  • Fenebrutinib in the form of two pills twice a day, as well as one “dummy” pill (a pill that looks like the comparator drug, but does not contain any active ingredients) that is taken once a day
  • The comparator drug in the form of a pill once a day, as well as four fenebrutinib “dummy” pills that are taken as two pills twice a day

This is a “double-dummy” clinical trial, which means that both groups will be given treatments that look exactly the same so that doctors and patients cannot figure out which treatment each group is receiving.

Neither you nor your clinical trial doctor can choose or know the group you are in. However, your clinical trial doctor can find out which group you are in, if your safety is at risk.

You can leave this clinical trial at any time and you will not lose your access to regular care.

Participation Requirements

During the FENhance Study, you will need to visit a study clinic at least 15 times. This is so that we can monitor your general health and see how you are responding to your assigned study drug. For the first 6 months of the study, you will need to attend the study clinic visits every 4 weeks, with some visits being abbreviated. Following this you will only need to attend the study clinic every 12 weeks.

You may discontinue study treatment at any time and continue to attend study visits. If so, you will stop receiving any study drug.